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Diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring substance found on earth.

Diamonds are made by nature not by people or machines. However, people and machines can shape, cut and polish diamonds to make them more unique and beautiful.

The process of finding, mining, extracting, cutting and finishing one single diamond is extremely hard work and takes a lot of time. It can take years just to find diamonds in the ground. Once located, mining is very hard work and also takes a lot of time and money.

Once you have the raw diamonds, cutting takes serious planning. To cut a raw diamond for the best possible yield is also time consuming and takes an experienced person or persons just to plan all the cuts.

When it comes time for cutting a diamond, there are many options. There are many different styles of finished diamonds which are determined by the cuts. Some cuts are patented.

Diamonds go through several stages of cuts.

First is the general basic shape cuts. Then another cutting step called brillianteering cuts the smaller facets.

The cuts give each diamond its brilliance. The cuts allow light to pass through and reflect giving the diamond its sparkle.

Once your diamond is completely cut, it's time for polishing.

Soon your single diamond is finished and ready for mounting. Once completed, the final product is an amazing gemstone that is both rare and beautiful and will last for generations.

So, when you see another diamond or look at your diamond ring, you can appreciate all the years of hard work that many people have spent to make such a beautiful gemstone which only is found in nature.